Good reads, learnings and reviews

In time, I hope to update this list.

1. No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention
2. Inspired by Marty Cagan

The list below includes:
1. Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value
2. Bad Blood
3. Habit-forming product
4. Good…

Good reads, learnings and reviews

The Psychology of Money

By Morgan Housel
Personal Rating: 8/10
Book summary source:

The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness by Morgan Housel (Amazon Link)

Short Summary

Doing well with money has a little to do with how smart you are and more to do with…

You’ve got a killer idea for a new product, but aren’t sure if it’s viable, and you’d really like to test it out without wasting a lot of resources. How can you quickly and inexpensively come up with a prototype? …

Stop slowing down your enterprise

The “Silo Mentality” might sound a little eerie at first, like the plot of a creepy sci-fi movie that takes place on a farm. But what is it, really?

The Silo effect occurs when separate departments or teams within an organization do not wish to share information with others in…

A design sprint saved the bank from wasting another 12 months

Open Banking gives equal position to services from banks and FinTechs

This ensure maximum transparency and security, encouraging competition in the financial industry. As a result, the quality of financial services will improve, and fees will decrease. …

Without asking the right questions, you‘re just wasting time

Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Design Sprint, Agile

Debating about the various research methods and activities is a popular past time among designers and product teams. Even among those that are data driven — evidence-based, no one seems to be talking about what makes a good or appropriate guiding research question…

Background of myself

Working in a financial technology company in Singapore as a User Experience Designer. Providing Data visualisation analytics tools to banking analyst team and higher management. Corporate Banking.

Having to satisfy both the stakeholders and user goals can be tough at times. Although, the term User Experience together with User Interface…

This article documents my journey of how I tackled the F&B Tech Hackathon challenge using design thinking processes.


In Singapore, manpower shortages has always haunt F&Bs businesses due to underlying service inefficiencies in the queue management, ordering and payment processes. How can we change this?

This article documents our journey of how we apply a human-centric approach to tackling NASA’s Global Space Hackathon challenge. This event is held in 187 locations, 69 countries and 25,140 participants participated in the challenge. We’re proud to have represent Singapore and emerged as the Global Winner in the category…

How I got inspired to be a User Experience Designer

Earlier this year when I came to know about User Experience Design, I am very fascinated that design is not so much about creating another bizarre unique product.

It has always been a dream to start business with the family…

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